If your company is interested in supporting employee progress, the Resume Guru can help further develop that facilitative culture with customized company workshops, coaching and training sessions.

In today’s volatile job market, people face constant change and uncertainty in terms of job continuance and this may translate into a variety of stress-induced behaviors, leading to decreased motivation and productivity.

What can a company do to help employees deal with the ambiguity?  Help employees prepare for that potential shift, whether it is an internal promotion, skill-building job transfer, or an impending reduction in force initiative. Offering employees opportunities to develop skills in Interviewing, Resume writing and LinkedIn Profile development models a proactive approach to the reality of our changing business environment.

Many people appreciate the chance to improve upon professional branding and self-presentation, for internal purposes alone. The business reasons behind teaching an employee how to present oneself as a valuable company asset on paper, online or in an interview is two-fold:

Internal Development Opportunities

  • Promotion Preparation
  • Informational Interviewing (learning more about other areas of the company)
  • Technical and Leadership Bench Strength Development
  • Leadership Team Interaction
  • Skillset Expansion Across the Organization
  • Presentation Skills Improvement

External Transition

  • Reduction In Force Preparation
  • Career Progression Proactivity
  • Career Transition Support


I cannot say enough good things about Lisa. The workshops she gave at SourceGas were effective and informational and helped to prepare us for our futures. Working with Lisa personally on my own career path and resume update was easy and I would gladly recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

– Sara Ocker, SAP Analyst


  • Interviewing Skills for In-House Advancement or External Transition
  • Professional and Personal Branding
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Career Transition Services
  • Career Coaching
  • Projecting a Professional Image